Best Mosquito Fogger or Sprayer for Your Yard

A mosquito fogger is your secret weapon to a mosquito free yard.

You can get the results of pro services for a much lower cost.

Mosquitoes are one of the worst things about summertime. They’re annoying, they can spread diseases, and they get really up close and personal with you.

The most important thing to do when it comes to mosquitos is prevention. In this post, we’ll be talking about some of the best mosquito foggers and sprayers for your backyard so that you don’t have to worry about them anymore.

Best Mosquito Foggers

I spent a lot of time researching and testing to find the best mosquito foggers and sprayers. Use this list and the guide below to find the best ones for you.

Here is some additional detail on each mosquito fogger.

Black Flag 190095 Propane Insect Fogger

Value-based Propane Mosquito Fogger

Black Flag 190095 Propane Insect Fogger (NEW VERSION) for Killing and Repelling Mosquitoes, Flies, and Flying Insects Outdoors
Amazon Price

The Black Flag Propane Fogger is a handy and affordable mosquito killer that has a sleek design as is perfect for a small or medium-sized yard. It starts quickly, is easy to use, and can handle any job around your deck, patio, or garden.

Additionally, the price tag of this machine beats out most of the other products and brands I’ve seen on the market. It’s a great little investment that makes the summer months in your yard more enjoyable.

The Black Flag Propane Fogger is small enough to fit in a backpack. Since it’s portable, you can take it with you to create mosquito-free zones anywhere – campsite, your backyard, etc.

This mosquito fogger runs on propane, so it doesn’t need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. Simply heat it up for 2-3 minutes and then every press of the button will release a mosquito killing fog.

The Black Flag Propane Fogger is capable of traveling up to 50 feet and its particles are 7 times finer than mist. Once the fog dissipates (5 or so minutes) the mosquitos will be gone and your yard will be free of these pests for up to 6 hours.

Key Features

  • Propane Powered – It’s propane powered for ultimate portability. Use it anywhere even if you don’t have an electrical outlet. The fogger can use tall or short propane canisters found at your local stores.
  • Thermal Fogger – The Black Flag Propane fogger is a thermal fogger that heats up the fogging fluid in order to vaporize it. This produces a fog that permeates all the areas where mosquitos hide.
  • Effective – Works fast and lasts long. Ideal for patios, porches, decks, lawns, gardens, or poolside. Kills and repels mosquitoes, biting flies, and flying insects for up to 6 hours. Enjoy your yard in just 5 minutes with no offensive odor.


  • Kills and repels mosquitoes for up to 6 hours
  • Treat 5000 square feet in around 10 minutes.
  • No offensive odor left in your yard
  • Uses either short or tall canister of propane
  • No electricity needed


  • One of the issues I ran into was the heating element kept going out

Overall, the Black Flag Propane fogger is one of the best propane mosquito foggers to use in your backyard. It is one of the most affordable foggers on the market but is extremely effective. I think this is a great fogger to use right before a planned evening in the backyard with friends or family.

Black Flag 190107 Electric Insect Fogger

Electric Thermal Mosquito Fogger

Black Flag 190107 Electric Insect Fogger for Killing and Repelling Mosquitoes, Flies, and Flying Insects Outdoors
Amazon Price

The Black Flag Electric Fogger is similar to a propane fogger but it runs on electricity. The fogger uses electricity instead of propane to heat the coil that creates a fog of insecticide when pumped. This is probably clear, but I want to point out that this is a thermal fogger even though it is electric.

The Black Flag Electric Fogger is very easy to use. Simply fill the yellow reservoir with approved insecticide, plug the fogger into an extension cord, allow it to heat up for five minutes, and then pull the trigger every three to four seconds. This will produce a dry fog that will float to all the areas mosquitos hide.

I have to say, using this machine is pretty darn easy. It does seem to work better if the tank is at least half-full of insecticide (smoke was thicker and fuller). Make sure you read over the instructions for heating and starting it up, and you will be good to go. The Black Flag Electric can be preheated by just running it for about five minutes without spraying anything.

Key Features

  • Electric Fogger – This fogger is electric so all you need is an outlet and a long extension cord. No worries about propane or gas.
  • Easy to Use – Fill the container with your choice of insectide, plug in the cord, let is warm up for 5 minutes and you are ready to go.
  • Effective – This is a good fogger for small to mid-size yards. If you can reach the area with an extension cord then you will be able to reach it with the fogger. You can treat 5000 square feet in about 10 minutes.


  • Electric machine is incredibly easy to use
  • Thermal Fogger that produces a dense, white fog
  • Effective and powerful way to eradicate flying insects
  • 10-minute fogging time for normal yard – up to 6 hours of protection
  • Compact size for easy storage


  • Can only go as far as your extension cord
  • No as powerful as propane foggers

Overall, the Black Flag Electric Fogger is a great choice for standard size yards where you want a quick and simple solution. It doesn’t get much easier than plugging in the cord, letting the machine warm up for five minutes, and then fogging your yard.

The Black Flag Electric Fogger is probably the easiest to use thermal fogger on the market.

Super Handy Fogger Machine ULV Sprayer

Battery Powered Handheld ULV Mosquito Sprayer

SuperHandy Fogger Machine ULV Sprayer Electric Handheld Cordless Disinfectant with 48V DC Lithium Ion Mist Duster Blower 2GAL Adjustable Particle Size 0-50μm/Mm
Amazon Price

The Super Handy ULV Electric Sprayer is battery powered so you don’t have to drag a cord around with you as you work. It’s easy to carry and includes a shoulder strap so it doesn’t kill your back while walking around your yard.

This mosquito sprayer holds 2 gallons of water inside and it atomizes very well. I found that it easily shoots a mist 25-30 feet into the air so you can reach most areas around your home where mosquitos hide.

This ULV Sprayer can use a variety of different insecticides (chemical or natural). Additionally, it has an adjustable nozzle to suit your needs which is a nice feature that makes the device even more versatile.

I found the Super Handy ULV Electric Sprayer easy to use with one hand. You can even turn it on, set it down, and walk away if you are trying to generally cover a large area.

Key Features

  • Battery Powered – This fogger is powered by a 48V DC 350W Li-Ion Driven 2HP brushless Electric Motor. The battery can run for up to 20 minutes, which is good enough for most yards.
  • Coverage – With 20,000 square feet of coverage per 2 gallon tank, this machine will cover your entire yard with no problem. It’s powerful enough to shoot 30 feet away which is perfect for spraying into bushes, up trees, and under decks.
  • ULV Sprayer – The high speed aerosol fog barrel has adjustable particle sizes of 0-50 microns. You can control how large or small the droplets are that fall from the sky onto your target area.


  • Powered by a 48V DC 350W Li-Ion Battery
  • Portable with no cords needed
  • 20,000 Square Feet of Coverage per 2 gallon tank
  • Adjustable Particle Sizes of 0-50 microns
  • The barrel can adjust to 120 Degrees for easy coverage
  • Shoulder strap


  • Handheld sprayer can be heavy after 20 minutes of usage (use shoulder strap)

Overall, the Super Hand Battery Powered ULV Sprayer is a well-designed, portable electric ULV fogger that is perfect for those looking for an easy to use and powerful mosquito killer. I use this sprayer in my yard and it performs well.

PetraTools Electric ULV Fogger Machine Backpack Sprayer

Electric Backpack Fogger for Large Areas

PetraTools Electric Disinfecting Fogger Machine Backpack Sprayer - 4 Gallon Mist Blower with Extended Commercial Hose for Sanitation Spraying - ULV500 Disinfection Fogger (Backpack Sprayer)
Amazon Price

The PetraTools Electric ULV Fogger/Sprayer is a plug-in backpack sprayer that is perfect for large yards that are reachable by an extension cord.

This backpack sprayer is more comfortable and easier to use than handheld sprayers, which is great if you have a large area to cover.

The PetraTools Electric Backpack Fogger is an innovative and reliable product. This backpack fogger allows you to adjust the microns of spray between 20-50 which results in a quick and efficient form of pest control.

It’s comfortable to wear with sturdy straps that will keep it from bouncing as you walk around. Just don’t fill it up all the way if it feels too heavy for you to use.

The sprayer plugs into a standard outlet and needs an extension cord for increased mobility. It is perfect for large lawns and gardens as long as you have access to electricity. However, you should look at other options for rural applications where you can’t run an extension cord.

When you’re done using this product, make sure to run clean water through it. If not, the lines can get clogged pretty easily.

Key Features

  • ULV Sprayer – The fogger is a handheld sprayer that uses Ultra Low Volume (ULV) technology to create a fine mist that covers large areas and penetrates deep into cracks and crevices. It’s ideal for applying mosquito insecticide around your yard.
  • Electric Cord – The 1200 watt motor can spray chemicals for up to 15 feet and operates on 110V AC power. Use an extension cord for an increased reach around your yard.
  • Heavy-Duty Backpack Straps – Carry up to 4 gallons with the heavy-duty straps that make this atomizer comfortable to use.
  • Coverage – Treat up to 38,000 square feet of coverage per tank. This is big enough for just about every yard if you are using an electric sprayer.


  • Provides an extended coiled hose for more efficient operation
  • Mists up to 15 feet away
  • Heavy-duty straps make this unit easy to wear
  • 38,000 square feet of coverage per tank
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Corded so it requires an electrical plug

Overall, the PetraTools Electric ULV Fogger Machine Backpack Sprayer is a great choice for those looking to fog and spray their yard.

It is corded so it requires an electrical plug but this gives you the ability to mist up to 15 feet away, carry enough chemicals for 38,000 square meter coverage per tank, and wear comfortably with heavy-duty straps.

This mosquito sprayer hits the sweet spot for extra-large yards that can still be reached with an extension cord.

Makita 4-Stroke Engine Mist Blower

Gas Powered Backpack Mosquito Sprayer – Conquer Everything

Makita PM7650H 75.6 cc MM4 4-Stroke Engine Mist Blower
Amazon Price

The Makita 4-Stroke Engine Mist Blower is the mosquito sprayer for those with huge yards or land to cover. Just fill the tank up with gas, swing it on your back and see how far you can go without stopping for air.

Seriously, I think one of the best things about this blower is how easily it starts. Just one push of the primer and this machine will start up on the first pull.

The Makita 4-Stroke Mist Blower gives you power that will cover the largest areas needing mosquito treatment. Its size and heavy-duty construction also make powering through dense brush, bushes, and high grass easy. It doesn’t have much vibration and it isn’t nearly as loud as a 2-stroke blower. Another benefit – no oil mixing!

This sprayer has a unique L-shaped fuel tank to lower its center of gravity, which forces you to lean forwards slightly when wearing it on your back. The weighting is balanced using the L-shaped tank, but this is a heavy machine. It can weigh as much as 70 pounds when completely full.

The spray is what you would expect and can reach 35 feet into the air. This mosquito fogger provides broad coverage with a good spray pattern. There are multiple flow settings to get the specific coverage you need for your yard.

Key Features

  • 4-Stroke Engine – The Makita 4-Stroke Engine is fuel-efficient and powerful. Use straight gas without having to mix oil. The engine is extremely reliable and very easy to start.
  • L-Shaped – The L-shaped chemical tank lowers the center of gravity for improved balance when wearing on your back. Heavily padded straps make it comfortable to wear.
  • Auto Mix – Liquid chemical is automatically mixed by air intake for a uniform solution concentration.


  • 75.6 cc MM4 4-Stroke Engine (no mixing gas with oil)
  • Easy to start
  • Extremely efficient fuel consumption
  • Maintains even solution concentration
  • Automatic engine decompression


  • Heavy when fully filled (around 70 pounds)
  • Expensive

Overall, the Makita 4-Stroke Engine Mist Blower is a great choice if you have a huge area to cover. This isn’t the mosquito sprayer for your typical backyard use.

But if you have a large yard or area of land to cover, then this is a machine that should be on your list of options. You will find this machine in the truck bed of a lot of pros.

Tri Jet ULV Non Thermal Fogger

Highly Rated ULV Cold Fogger

Tri Jet ULV Non Thermal Fogger
Amazon Price

The Tri Jet ULV Fogger is a popular and highly rated fogger mainly due to its size and versatility. You can use this fogger to kill mosquitos, but it can also be used for mold, sanitation, and humidity. This cold fogger is made by Createch, which is a family-owned company in the USA that has been in business for over 30 years.

The Tri Jet ULV Non-Thermal Fogger is the perfect tool for anybody who needs to distribute a variety of chemicals. You can use water or oil-based products without worry, but you’ll need to make sure those chemicals are rated for non-thermal ULV foggers.

The Tri Jet is known for being a very reliable fogger, but it will clog if not properly maintained. Make sure that you rinse the tank out regularly using warm water to clear out any leftover chemicals inside.

This ULV fogger is best for smaller yards. It needs to be plugged in to work so you need to make sure you can reach all areas you want to spray with an extension cord. When full, the Tri Jet fogger holds about a gallon of liquid solution. This is enough to cover about 2,000 square feet of area in 10 minutes of spraying.

The sprayer on the Tri Jet fogger contains three spray nozzles (hence the name). It also contains a flow rate selector that is easy to use and will change the size of the droplets from 10 to 30 microns.

Key Features

  • Portable – The Tri Jet ULV Fogger is small and lightweight compared to other foggers. The large handle on top makes it easy to carry around your yard. The device is around 20 pounds when completely filled with liquid.
  • Versatile – This fogger has been designed to apply both water and oil-based insecticides. It also features an adjustable ultra-low volume (ULV) droplet size between 10-50 microns which enables both wet and dry applications. Ideal for insect fogging, odor, sanitation, and mold control.
  • Reliable – The Tri Jet ULV Non Thermal Fogger is made by Createch, a leader in the fogging industry for over 30 years. It’s corrosion-free stainless steel assembly makes it durable enough to last through many seasons of use.


  • Versatile fogger that can apply both water and oil-based insecticides 
  • Use with non-toxic cedar oil products 
  • ULV droplet size adjustable between 10 and 50 microns 
  • Stainless steel assembly that is lightweight


  • Requires a power cord
  • Best for small yards (covers 2,000 square feet per fillup)

Overall, the Tri Jet ULV Fogger is one of the best mosquito foggers for small yards and is perfect for areas where there are many insects. If you are spraying less than 2,000 square feet then this might be the best choice for your yard, deck, or patio.

This is a very versatile fogger that can be used with water or oil-based products. You might buy this for mosquito control, but you will use it for many purposes throughout your home.

Types of Mosquito Foggers for Home Use

There are several types of mosquito foggers on the market. The types of mosquito foggers include thermal foggers, cold foggers, ULV foggers, and propellant foggers.

We will take a quick look at each type of mosquito fogger and how they work.

Thermal Mosquito Foggers

Thermal foggers use heat to vaporize the liquid insecticide solution and spray it out as fog. Thermal foggers can work on gas or electricity, depending on the type of fogger you have.

The barrel of a thermal fogger is heated by an electric coil or a gas burner. The insecticide solution is shot into the barrel where it is vaporized and then sprayed out through the nozzle. Thermal foggers can be dangerous because the barrel of the fogger is heated to a high temperature which will burn you if touched.

Thermal foggers typically produce a small particle size (0.5 to 10 microns) that can make its way into tiny spaces. This is good for killing adult mosquitoes as well as larvae.

Cold Non-thermal Foggers

Cold, non-thermal electric mosquito foggers use electricity and air pressure to create a fine mist that will float in the air.

Cold foggers are different from thermal foggers in that air, not heat, is used to create a mist to disperse the insecticide. Additionally, cold foggers produce a larger particle size (up to 200 microns) which means they cannot travel as far into small spaces as thermal foggers.

Cold foggers are typically safer to use than thermal foggers due to the reduced risk of burns or fire.

Cold foggers typically run off of a battery power source or 110-volt electric cord. However, some of the larger cold foggers run off of gasoline.

ULV Foggers

Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) mosquito foggers are a type of cold fogger. ULV foggers produce a very fine mist that will easily travel into small cracks and crevices.

ULV foggers are better for mosquito control because they produce a tiny vapor of around 10-30 microns. The small mist from a ULV fogger will easily reach and coat the areas where mosquitos typically hide.

ULV foggers are also very efficient in spreading insecticide which makes them even more affordable over time. Most ULV foggers only use 4-8 ounces of concentrate per gallon of water for effective coverage.

Propellant Foggers

Propellant foggers look like your typical can of bug spray. Propellent foggers are good for small yards and patios.

A propellant fogger works by using a liquid insecticide that is disbursed with the help of some type of aerosol propellant. The propellant makes the liquid insecticide expand into millions of tiny droplets suspended in the air.

Cans of mosquito repellent spray can work on small areas in a pinch. However, it is smarter to invest in a fogger or sprayer machine that you can use year after year.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Mosquito Yard Spray or Fogger

There are several factors to consider when choosing a mosquito fogger for your yard, deck, or patio.

Here are a few items to keep in mind as you search for the best mosquito sprayer for your situation.


The area you need to cover is one of the most important factors to take into consideration. A large backpack fogger can easily cover 20,000 square feet, while a smaller mosquito sprayer might only cover 2,000 square feet.

For large yards with a lot of trees and other foliage, you will want something that will hold a large volume of insecticide and be easy to carry. Backpack mosquito foggers are perfect for this situation.

For small to midsize yards, you will have a lot more options. Just try to find a mosquito fogger that can cover your entire yard in one pass.

Droplet size

The particle size of the fogger is another thing to consider. The smaller droplets usually have more of a direct hit and are better for killing mosquitoes, while larger droplets can spread farther but will take longer to kill insects.

Storage Tank Size

The storage tank size on your mosquito fogger is also important because it will dictate how often you need to refill the tank.

If you buy something too small, then you’ll need to refill it way too often. If you buy something too big, then you will have to lug around a heavy machine for no reason.

Power Source

There are several power sources to choose from, so it is important to consider which one will be easiest for you.

  • Propane and gas-powered foggers are nice because they don’t require a power outlet or extension cord and you can use the device as long as necessary.
  • Electric foggers are simple to use but you need an extension cord that can reach every area around your home that needs coverage.
  • Battery-powered foggers give you the most portability but they are not as powerful and can only be used for short periods of time. It can be very frustrating to run out of power when you have one more section to complete.

The best thing to do is to take a look at your yard, figure out where you need coverage, and then choose a mosquito sprayer that will work well with those needs.


Portability is often an overlooked factor when selecting a fogger. Foggers can be heavy so this is something you should consider unless you are the hulk.

Portability includes two areas of focus:

  1. The usability of the fogger in multiple areas
  2. The ease of carrying the fogger to those areas

You want a fogger that can get to all the areas around or in your home. However, you also want a fogger that isn’t overly cumbersome or heavy.

If you have a huge yard, then consider a backpack fogger. If you only need to fog your front porch, then choose a smaller machine that is easy to handle.


The final item to consider is safety.

Ultimately, thermal foggers create a lot of heat. This can pose an issue if you are in close proximity to sensitive materials or flammable items. You have to be very careful not to burn yourself or anything around you when using a thermal fogger.

Cold foggers, on the other hand, are much safer to use and they can be used near your home without fear of damage by heat or fire.

If safety is a concern for you then a cold fogger may be the best option.

How do Mosquito Foggers Work?

All mosquito foggers (thermal and cold) work by dispersing a mist or fog over a large area to kill and control insects. The difference is the way the insecticide is disbursed.

Thermal foggers use heat to vaporize the insecticide and then disperse it as fog. Cold foggers work by atomizing liquid droplets of insecticide with a high-speed fan that sprays the micro droplets to your coverage area.

Thermal foggers usually create a “dry” fog while cold foggers coat everything in a superfine mist.

How to Use a Mosquito Fogger

Mosquito foggers are best used in the evening or early morning when the wind is calm. This allows the fog or mist to fully cover the area you’re treating.

A mosquito fogger will typically emit a cloud of insecticide that is designed to drift and settle on areas where mosquitoes like to hide. Focus on spraying bushes, trees, yards, fences, or under decks – basically any outdoor area with overhanging foliage.

This type of treatment can last for a couple of weeks, but you might need to treat your yard more often if it rains. I like to spray a couple of times per week in the beginning. Once you see that the mosquitoes are under control, you can cut back to once or twice per month.

Mosquito Fogger Safety Precautions

Always think safety first when you are using a mosquito fogger. Machines and chemicals can be dangerous so you want to protect yourself and other people and animals in your yard.

Here are a few safety tips to consider when fogging for mosquitos.

  1. Be careful when using a thermal fogger, as it can get very hot.
  2. Read the instructions for your machine carefully before you get started so you know how to handle it correctly.
  3. Avoid using the fogger in windy conditions and always stay upwind from your spray so the fog or mist doesn’t float back on you.
  4. Wear personal protective equipment such as gloves, a long-sleeved shirt, and pants.
  5. Wear a respirator especially if you’re using a chemical fogger that contains pyrethroid.
  6. Always read and follow the safety directions of the insecticide you are using.
  7. Wash your hands after you do any work with the insecticide or machine, especially before eating or drinking anything.
  8. Keep children and pets away from the area while fog settles.
  9. Clean your fogger with water after using it to keep it performing safely.

Fogging your own yard can be really easy and safe. Just follow these guidelines and you’ll be able to enjoy a bug-free summer.

Types of Insecticides for Mosquito Foggers

Once you choose a fogger, you need to find the right insecticide to kill the mosquitos around your home. There are two considerations when choosing your insecticide:

  1. Water vs Oil Based Insecticides
  2. Chemical vs Natural Insecticides

Here is a quick summary of the types of insecticides you can use in your fogger.

Water vs Oil Based Insecticides

Always read the directions on your fogger to ensure you purchase the proper insecticide for your machine.

Water Based Insecticides

Water based insecticides are a very popular choice for many people because they can be easily used around your home.

There is not much of an odor and it won’t leave behind any stains or streaks on surfaces as long as you clean the fogger after use.

However, this type of insecticide doesn’t last long in a wet environment. You will likely need to reapply water based insecticide more often than oil-based.  The price can be a little higher as well.

Oil Based Insecticides

Oil based insecticides are another popular choice for mosquito fogging.

Oil based insecticides are heavier than water based ones so the fog or mist won’t stay in the air as long. However, oil based insecticides will last longer once it falls onto a leaf or plant.

There are some downsides to using oil based insecticides. First, be careful using oil-based solutions on your deck or patio furniture as this could cause staining. Another downside is that oil-based insecticides may have a stronger odor than water-based ones and they are more difficult to clean up after use.

Overall, oil-based foggers or sprays work best on greenery while the water-based product works better around your home.

Chemical vs Natural Insecticides

I recommend giving natural insecticide a try first and then move to a stronger chemical such as a pyrethroid if you aren’t getting the results you want.

Chemical Insecticides

Common ingredients found in mosquito fogger insecticide include pyrethroid, propoxur, and methoprene.

Pyrethroids such as deltamethrin are the most commonly used pyrethroid for mosquito foggers. They can kill mosquitoes on contact or after they’ve bitten an animal or human. Pyrethroids work by attacking a specific site of the nervous system in insects.

Propoxur is a pesticide that’s been used for years to kill insects. Propoxur kills mosquitoes when it comes in contact with them or after they’ve bitten an animal or human. It works by blocking the acetylcholine receptors on the nerves of a mosquito, which causes paralysis and death.

Methoprene is often used to kill mosquitoes because it can be sprayed on the surface of still water, which is where most mosquitos breed. Methoprene blocks a hormone that’s needed for mosquito larvae development and kills them when they come in contact with methoprene or after they’ve bitten an animal or human.

Natural Insecticides

Natural insecticides are commonly used in foggers and are my personal favorite. Natural insecticides use ingredients such as lemongrass, citronella, and other essential oils to kill and repel mosquitos.

The natural insecticides will not harm your plants or pets if they come into contact with the substance. This allows you to use them in your garden or near children and animals without the risk of harming anyone.

One downside to natural insecticides is that they can be more expensive than chemical insecticides. Also, natural insecticides aren’t as effective in some areas as they are in others. Just experiment and see what works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mosquito Foggers

How do mosquito foggers work?

Mosquito fogger machines work by breaking down their liquid insecticides into tiny droplets that are spread throughout the surrounding area. The small number of droplets that each fogger produces helps to ensure coverage of the entire area.

Best time of the year to use mosquito foggers?

Mosquitoes can be found all year round, but they are more prevalent during warmer months when their eggs hatch. Therefore, it’s best to use a mosquito fogger machine in early summer or late

When should I fog?

Mosquitoes are most active at sunrise and sunset, so you should fog during these hours. You should also choose a time when the wind is calm and rain is not expected.

How often do you need to fog for mosquitoes?

In the beginning, fogging once per week is usually enough to reduce the number of mosquitoes in your backyard. Once the mosquitos are under control you can reduce the time to once or twice per month.

Are mosquito foggers safe for pets?

Mosquito foggers can be harmful to pets. You should either remove your pet from the area before fogging. After the fog dissipates the mosquitos will be gone and your pet can safely return to the area. Natural insecticides are also better for pets.

Does fogging hurt birds or other large animals?

The fog is designed to be non-toxic for humans and pets. If you are concerned about the effect of the fog on birds or other large animals, contact your local wildlife conservation agency before using a mosquito fumigant in an area where they may frequent.

How to clean a mosquito fogger?

After using a mosquito fogger, it is essential to clean the machine. Make sure you follow the directions on how to safely and correctly clean your fogger. Use soap and water, diluted bleach, or ammonia as your final solution when you are done spraying the insecticide.

Conclusion – Best Mosquito Fogger or Sprayer

In conclusion, you can get as good or better results with your own mosquito fogger as you do with a professional service. It will just cost you a little time and effort.

If you’re tired of being bitten by mosquitoes, it may be time to invest in your own mosquito fogger. We reviewed the best mosquito fogger options on the market covering all types of scenarios (large and small).

Use our guide to find the fogger that provides the features that are most important to you. 

Here is the current mosquito fogger I’m using. It easily covers my complete yard that includes multiple kidney-shaped landscape areas, bushes all the way around the house, and a 150-foot long fenceline. I use this fogger combined with a couple of other recommended ways to keep mosquitos out of your yard. It works!

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